About our Preschool

sliderimage2In the Spring of 2011, Trinity Lutheran Church formed a committee to look into the feasibility of starting a Lutheran Preschool.  For many years, St. John’s Lutheran Church in Secor had operated a Preschool and many of Trinity’s members had attended.  With St. John’s Lutheran Preschool no longer available, Trinity looked into carrying on this mission in El Paso.

The members of the original feasiblity committee were Joan Comincioli, Kathy Faulk, Lisa Hocker, Kathy Johnson, Donna Parkhouse, Amber VanHoveln, and Pastor Boehne.

In August of 2011, the feasibility report was presented to the Voters of Trinity Lutheran Church.  A resolution was then passed to form Trinity Lutheran Preschool.  We opened the doors for our first year of Preschool in September of 2012.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose and mission of Trinity Lutheran Preschool is to bring glory to the Triune God by providing a Christ-centered learning environment where children develop spiritually, socially, and intellectually in preparation for kindergarten.

In connection with this purpose and mission, the goals of Trinity Lutheran Preschool shall be:

Overall:  To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children and their families in El Paso, IL and the surrounding areas.

Students:  To provide a Christian Preschool in El Paso where students grow in the knowledge of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and reach their full potential in preparation for kindergarten.

Church:  To be an extension of the congregation during the week where children of the congregation are drawn closer to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ even as other children of the community are introduced to Trinity Lutheran Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Community:  To provide members of the El Paso and surrounding communities with a choice in Christian schooling that is centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equips students to grow into responsible Christian citizens and leaders in the community.

Members of Trinity Lutheran Preschool Board

Chairman:  Jacqleene Meyers
Vice-Chairman: Kenzie Wilkey
Secretary: Susan Bunting
Treasurer: Tom Gerth
Pastoral Advisor:   Pastor Jonathan Boehne